EVERYTHING you need to know about the ONLINE class...


This program is very simple.  It was designed to accommodate the most novice or even the most advance internet users.  When you register, you will pick a user name and password which will give you IMMEDIATE access to the site.


  •  If you are under age 20 you are NOT eligible to take a computer-based driver improvement course.  

  • If you are doing this for RICHMOND CITY TRAFFIC COURT, then you are NOT eligible to take this course.  All others qualify.
  • If unsure if your court will accept a COMPUTER based course, check directly with the court.  


​The course is divided into 18 separate modules.  After you complete each module, you will be asked some review questions. You can start and stop as you wish, and save your place AFTER each individual module is complete.  The system will ask you if you would like to stop and save, or if you would like to continue. Once you finish all of the modules at home, you will go to a testing center to take the final test, where you can come in ANY weekday or Saturday at any time to complete your final test, as long as you are there 30 minutes before they close.  All of our testing centers are UPS stores.  A list of the testing centers can be found here, or if you click the red button below.  Your certificate will be emailed to you NO LATER THAN the next business day.

There are NO EXTRA or NO HIDDEN FEES.  The $64.99 covers everything including the certificate of completion​.  You must get 80% complete on the final test and you can take the test once per day.  If you do not pass, you can take the test again the next day for a fee of $6.00 paid at the test center. 


​Aardvark Driving School does not in fact offer the course online but moreover offers the class through NTSI who is an approved entity which our website will redirect you to.  NTSI is licensed and approved by DMV.  All Aardvark Driving School classes are licensed and approved by DMV.

Online Class

​Aardvark Driving School

Taking the Class online

Saturdays:    $55
Weekdays:    $75 
Sundays:       $65
Online class:  $65