Come in to a traditional Classroom

ALL (Saturdays AND Weekdays) of our classes are from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m..  All you need to do is bring a picture i.d. and have cash or money orders.  We do not take checks or credit cards.  We give you the certificate of completion on the same day as class, no waiting.  Walk ins are WELCOME and never turned away.  We have a huge classroom and can accommodate everyone.  FREE hot coffee and fresh cold iced-water in our Chesterfield AND Innsbrook locations. Classes are not video-based and are interactive and student oriented, meaning the classes are all about YOU.  

          Want a specific instructor, call 804-869-9104 to find out what teacher is teaching and when.  Again we do classes every single Saturday (including holidays), and at LEAST one Monday a month, one Tuesday a month, one Wednesday a month, one Thursday a month and one Sunday a month.  We also do classes everyday on the internet.  We have the MOST AVAILABILITY of any driving school in the metro area.  You wont find a better, closer or more convenient class than ours.  And if you do, we have price match and gas voucher programs.  Go to our blog site for details.  Thank you for visiting our site, and remember , the biggest gamble that you take everyday, is getting into a vehicle.  Please, stay safe, put that phone on SILENT, and share the road as best and as smart as you can!  Call to sign up or simply walk in!

Our Classes



To use this coupon, please screenshot or text "coupon" to 8048699104 any time BEFORE CLASS STARTS.  Or print and bring. Thanks!

​Aardvark Driving School

Saturdays:    $55
Weekdays:    $75 
Sundays:       $65
Online class:  $65